Part Of The Demi Lovato Song 'Shut Up And Love Me,' Leaked

(Credit: Getty Images)

Demi Lovato is currently working out some personal issues in the wake of a tumultuous end to her 2010. But 2011 is looking a little brighter, at least for her fans, as the Internet was sent into hysterics over a snippet of new Demi Lovato material being leaked.

Found on the Tumblr Obsessed With Demi, a site that truly lives up to its name, "Shut Up And Love Me" is a mid-tempo pop-rock tune with a kinda '80s-ish production. According to Celebuzz, "Shut Up And Love Me" is an older track, but it might appear on Demi's upcoming album, hopefully due out in 2011.

For some reason, "Shut Up And Love Me" is really reminding us of  'Til Tuesday's 80's classic, "Voices Carry." Hey, Demi could do a lot worse! That song NEVER gets old.

Demi Lovato will hopefully be healthy, happy and back at work soon. In the meantime, watch 'Til Tuesday's classic video for "Voices Carry" below.