New Video: Eatliz, 'Lose This Child'

When I first fired up Eatliz's video for their song "Lose The Child," I immediately got a little chill. Something about stop-motion animation in videos really freaks me out, and I completely and totally blame the band Tool for this. In 1993, Tool scared the life out of me with their "Sober" video, and really, ever since then I've been a little hesitant to watch stop-motion.

Eatliz, however, might have brought me back into the fold. For the uninitiated, Eatliz is pretty much Israel's biggest alternative rock band. They've been featured on MTV Europe, opened for Slipknot in Israel and will be featured at this year's South By Southwest festival in Austin. Eatliz makes dreamy, atmospheric songs and imbuing them with complex and ornate arrangements and haunting vocals. And they have a Gorillaz-like alternate, altered universe of animated personae; their music video/short film "Hey” won them the Spike Lee Award for animation at The Babelgum Animatron Film Festival, and their “Her Morning Elegance" video won them a Grammy nomination.

And their new video, "Lose This Child," continues their tradition of creating spellbinding, envelope-pushing, effects-bending videos. Taken from their album Teasing Nature, "Lose This Child" recalls some of the quieter moments of Radiohead's OK Computer. The video, directed by Yuval & Merav Nathan, is a stop-motion tour de force, crafting an entire imaginary world out of sand, with turtles and other sea creatures rising out of the ground. It really needs to be seen to be believed.

+ Watch Eatliz's "Lose This Child" video.

Eatliz - Lose this child animation music video from Eatliz on Vimeo.