Must Watch: Ke$ha's Disney Princess Video

(Credit: Getty Images)

Last time Ke$ha teamed up with the dudes at Funny Or Die, she explained how that dollar sign in her name got there (just your average restaurant marquee mishap). The "TiK ToK" singer and Funny Or Die are at it again, but this time she's playing a Disney princess, which is completely incongruous with everything we know about Ke$ha. It's also completely genius.

As the video begins, we see Princess Ke$ha gently waking from her beauty sleep by the sounds of the town clock tower. Her friendly forest fauna comes to the window to help Ke$ha get ready for her day, but she basically flips them the bird and starts drinking whiskey. Obvs. A cartoon skunk proceeds to sit on her face, and a crow wearing high-tops gives her a wedgie. The cherry on the top has to be the end, when Ke$ha summons her carriage to whisk her away. As my great grandma used to say, "One homeless man's shopping cart full of junk is Ke$ha's magic coach ride."

We get it, Ke$ha! You're gross! But even though you pride yourself on being the dirty dumpster Disney doll, you still have something in common with all of the other princesses--glitter. Glitter is always the tie that binds!

+ Watch Funny Or Die's "Disney's Pricess Ke$ha" below. NSFW!