We HAVE To Say Something About Aaron Carter Heading To Rehab

(Credit: Getty Images)

The defining factors of our generation: iPhones, Facebook, hipsters...and rehab. Aaron Carter is the newest name added to a long list of young stars to recently enter a treatment facility. Aaron's rep said the singer, who is currently working on a new album, is planning "to heal some emotional and spiritual issues." And you know what? We think that's great. Getting a helping hand is always a step in the right direction.

Well, it usually is. We've all seen what Lindsay Lohan has gone through after her various trips to rehab. Sometimes it's for the better, sometimes it's for the worse. We're hoping that the worst of it is over and the new and improved Linds we're seeing these days stays new and improved.

We're also hoping that maybe Aaron Carter can follow in the footsteps of Demi Lovato. She's stayed pretty quiet since entering a treatment facility back in November of last year, and that seems like a really smart move. It's kind of like "Fight Club"--the first rule of rehab is you do not talk about rehab. Actually, most of life's important lessons are kind of like "Fight Club."

Get well soon, Aaron Carter. Come back healthy and give us another guilty pleasure like "Aaron's Party." There's no way I'm the only person waiting for that.