The 7 Best Photos From The Taylor Swift Cruise

After gallivanting around the Caribbean for seven days, trying to track down Taylor Swift on a cruise, I'm back to 15 degree weather to report that I did! I found her and met her and and she was nothing but completely lovely, humble and gracious. And super tall.

Taylor performed for an intimate crowd of about 250 people at an at-sea show on Friday in Cozumel, Mexico. Fun and mocktails were had by one and all! Below are my favorite photos from the day of the show.

7. My breakfast -- I ate a full plate of bacon for breakfast the day I met Taylor Swift. And yes, I ate it on my bed. I don't think she would have wanted it any other way.

6. The crowd -- The outdoor venue was packed, and the crowd was so excited for Taylor Swift to take the stage. No worries, the rock climbing wall remained unharmed during the course of the show.

5. Taylor Swift's biggest fan -- As much of a sketch comedy skit that this photo might look like, it's not. This guy, named BQ, booked a solo trip to check out the show. Taylor took one of his flowers and stuck it in her hair. Then he died. JK.

4. Taylor's guitar -- Teardrops on her guitar no more, guys. Taylor Swift only rolls with rhinestones these days. Any bets on who her personal bedazzler is?

3. Soaking it all in -- The Taylor Swift we all know and love. She got the crowd up on their feet in a shiny dress and red lips. Not pictured: more cowboy boots than a rodeo. (I missed the memo.)

2. Sassypants Taylor Swift -- How could you not love this? As we say in my neighborhood, "get it, gurl." Hey, T. Kyle, I think this is what we call a "perfect reaction photo."

1. Me and Taylor Swift!!!! -- After a week of planning, I'm glad I decided the best outfit to get my photo taken with Taylor Swift in was pajamas. But just so y'all know, the tag actually said "romper."

Last week was a blast and I'm going to remember it for a long time, but now it's back to regularly scheduled programming. Oh, but one last thing--Taylor Swift wanted me to send everyone a big huge hello: "HELLO!!!!!"

Update: I forgot to tell you guys about what might be the most important part of the whole trip! When I was waiting my turn to meet Taylor, I was trying to think of a million things I could say to her that would make her laugh/give me her phone number. What I came up with was absolutely nothing. Taylor Swift actually spoke to me first, and nearly knocked me over with WHOA.

Taylor Swift: "Aww, you're so pretty!"


Things will never be the same again.