MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: New Politics

(Credit: Brian Appio/MTV)

MTV's PUSH Artist Of The Week is New Politics. We just can't get enough of this band around these parts. We've named them one of the MTV Artists To Watch in 2011, brought you more live-from-the-road content than you can shake a drumstick at over at, and now we're unofficially renaming this week New Politics Week. When we fall for a band, we fall hard.

The trio is originally from Denmark but calls Brooklyn home, and they've captured our imagination with their searing garage rock laced with rap-rock and punk filaments. Singles like "Yeah Yeah Yeah" are mosh-pit starters the likes of which we haven't heard since The Hives or The Vines. And their tendency to shape-shift musical genres is even more apparent on their self-titled debut album, where you'll hear mid-tempo dirges, electro-fused dance rock and much more.

In the below videos you'll get to know New Politics and their music a little bit better. In the first video, the band talks about their roots back in Denmark. And in the second video they discuss their song "Dignity."

Check out the two New Politics videos and their "Dignity" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah" videos below. You can also see an exclusive New Politics photo gallery. New Politics, the band's eponymous album, is out now.