Lady Gaga Debuts New Music At Thierry Mugler Fashion Show

(Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

If we know one thing in life to be true, it's this: Lady Gaga has a poker face. So when it was announced that music from Lady Gaga's Born This Way would be the soundtrack to the Thierry Mugler show at Paris fashion week, we knew something was up.

Didn't Gaga make a big deal about announcing the album's release date over Twitter? Wasn't that her New Year's Eve gift to all of us? Yes, and in truth, she's sticking to that promise.

Poker player that she is, Gaga, who tweeted that she was serving as "musical director" of the show, revealed a rather cagey version of her Born This Way tracks. In fact, we'd be willing to bet that what we hear in the Mugler video from the show bares little resemblance to the final versions.

However! It's still exciting to hear any new Gaga music. Over an insistent house beat, with swirling keyboards, we hear Gaga speak/sing in (we think) German and French. There's also some anthem-starting "oh oh's" that we can't wait to hear in a finished song.

If you're wondering about what the Mugler connection is, Lady Gaga's personal stylist Nicola Formichetti (aka the dude who came up with the "meat dress") is also the creative director for Thierry Mugler.

As we all know, the single, "Born This Way" will drop Feb. 13 and the album of the same name hits our world like the asteroid from Armageddon on May 23.