New Song: Nicki Minaj, Featuring Lil Wayne, 'Roman's Revenge 2.0'

(Credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage)

Watch out world, there's a new Bonnie & Clyde in town. Behold Nicki Minaj's "Roman's Revenge 2.0," featuring Lil Wayne.

Nicki Minaj's potty-mouthed, anger-management-needing "Roman Zolanksi" persona is not the warmest, cuddliest of the Harajuku Barbie's several characters. But it does make for thrilling listening. On the remix of this Pink Friday barn burner, Nicki goes "H.A.M.," throwing some not too subtle barbs at Lil' Kim: "You lil’ brag-a-lot, I beat you with a pad-a-lock. I am a movie, camera block. You outta work, I know it’s tough. But enough is enough." Advantage, Nickles!

Lil Wayne is equally fired up, breathing fire right after the Busta-Rhymes-referencing hook of "Rah Rah, like a dungeon dragon." Seems his time in the joint has done little to dull Weezy's lyrical acumen or his culinary tastes, as the New Orleans chef raps, "Foie gras, I hear you ducks quacking."

Great to hear Weezy airing out his lungs again, and even better to hear him with Nicki.