Miley Cyrus And Rock Mafia Collaborate On New Song, 'Morning Sun'

(Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage)

This morning we told you about Rock Mafia's music video for "The Big Bang," featuring Miley Cyrus, and how it could soon be headed to the big screen. But "The Big Bang" fans don't have to wait that long to hear more Miley Cyrus/Rock Mafia goodness--we have a snippet of Miley in the recording studio with Rock Mafia on a new track. I know you're pumped, but try to keep your pants on (that goes for you too, Miley).

Rock Mafia recently tweeted, "Thank you for following us! Loyalty is Rewarded!" with a link to a video of Miley Cyrus singing a guest spot on the group's upcoming single "Morning Sun." Even though it's only 20 seconds long and we can't really tell what's going on in the studio, we definitely know Miley's voice when we hear it.

Last time Miley Cyrus collaborated with Rock Mafia, the resulting "The Big Bang" was a sultry, sexy song with a really chill vibe. This time, "Morning Sun" seems to be going in a totally different direction -- it's dance-y and fast, but it's still got that signature Miley sizzle to it. And we're digging that versatility. Keep it up, Miley!

+ Watch Miley Cyrus recording "Morning Sun."

Miley IN-STUDIO Singing "Morning Sun" from RockMafia on Vimeo.