Video Premiere: Two Door Cinema Club, 'What You Know'

(Credit: Jakubaszek/Getty Images)

Calling to mind the sound of Phoenix, Death Cab For Cutie and Peter, Bjorn and John, Ireland's Two Door Cinema Club make pristine indie pop with immaculate arrangements hiding a melancholy lyrical heart.

Take for instance this track, "What You Know," from the band's lovely Tourist History album, released last April. The song details a relationship in a subtly doomed state, as the track's narrator muses, "I'm not the best you could have attained."

Despite the maudlin undertones of the song,"What You Know"'s video is, on the other hand, bouncy, colorful and fun. Playing this lightly funky tune on a white soundstage, the band are surrounded by women both lounging about and taking part in some choreographed dances and cheerleader moves.

The whole thing--from the suits the band wears to the dances--is very Mod, but never campy on, say, an "Austin Powers" level.

Check out Two Door Cinema Club's video for "What You Know," below. Tourist History is out now.