Is Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Cover A Work Of Art? One Expert Weighs In

MTV designer and devoted Britney fan T. Kyle MacMahon had so much to say about Britney Spears' new "Hold It Against Me" cover art that it evoked an almost career-spanning review of Britney's album cover art and design choices. Check it out.

Britney Spears has mastered the music, the videos, and the tours… but let's be real, she hasn't exactly had the most flattering album art in recent years. Do we remember the horrendous overuse of Outer Glow on the Blackout album cover? How about the drunken scribbling on the cover of "Gimme More" …or how they literally copied and pasted Britney three times on the cover for the "3" single? Not to mention that the same photo shoot was used for the covers of "Radar," "If U Seek Amy," and "3." Honestly, as a fan and a designer, I was becoming more and more disappointed with Britney's art direction or lack thereof. (Sorry, Britney, but it's true.)

This past Wednesday Britney revealed the artwork for her newest single, "Hold It Against Me" via Twitter. By no means do I feel that I am the world's most amazing designer (I know I may be young, but I've got feelings too), but as a devoted--some may say obsessed--Britney fan over the past 12 years, not only do I feel that this cover is well-designed, beautiful, stunning, flawless, etc… I can also say that it is one of my favorite covers Britney's ever released.

Channeling classic Britney looks from over the years and compacting them into a 5'x5' JPG, it seems that Team Britney is really Do-ing Somethin' to kick off this new era right. Here. Let me visually explain with a 'Hold It Against Me' inspired mood board.

First of all, is it 2003 again? She looks just as young and beautiful as she did in her video for "Everytime" or on her 2008 Rolling Stone cover. She's rocking her legendary blond, windblown hair that looks like it came straight out of her more recent videos for "3" or her commercial for Candie's. A nice warm color palette is used, and it reminds me of her gorgeous "Circus" album shoot. Her makeup looks natural, yet there is a very subtle hint of the infamous "Slave 4 U" and "Oops!... I Did It Again" smoky eye. Overall, the cover has the clean and modern feel of the "If U Seek Amy" single cover, but it's just… better. Interesting sense of style, ten million dollar smile, think I can handle that? No, Britney I can't handle it.

What I'm loving most about Britney's "Hold It Against Me" cover art though is the new type treatment of her name. They've combined what they did in her futuristic "Womanizer" cover with the vintage funhouse type they used on her "Circus" album. It's like an evolution.

Combining the two styles produced a classy, modern, and sophisticated look for Britney. I can't wait to see what's in store next… what will the new album cover look like? What will the merch look like? The posters? Can I start dreaming of another tour book to add to my collection?! Fortunately for us Britney fans this new era is off to a great start--and I couldn't be happier since the "Hold It Against Me" cover art looks as good as the song sounds.

Good work, Team Britney! Keep it up… and hey, when that second single goes into production and needs a cover… CALL ME?!

(PS -- I re-created this Britney logo based on Britney's name on the "Hold It Against Me" cover. Feel free to download it here for your own Britney fan creations.)