POSTED: New Politics Hits The Road, Rocks A Crowd And Gets Their Hair Did

If you're not already a card-carrying member of the New Politics fan club, you should really rectify that situation. We here at l'il ol' Buzzworthy are so into these Brooklyn-via-Denmark garage punk-poppers that we have our membership cards laminated! Oh we fancy, huh!?

New Politics was one of MTV's 9 Artists To Watch In 2011. And it's easy to see why. They mix the primal scream of garage rock (think The Hives) with some keyboard squeals and unforgettable hooks. On their self-titled album, released last July, the band--comprising David Boyd, Søren Hansen and Poul Knudsen--race through 10 breakneck songs that never pause for a breath.

So that's what they sound like, but what's New Politics like? Glad you asked! New Politics is this month's MTV Posted band, which means you should head over to where you'll get more New Politics videos, blogs, tweets and photos than you may be equipped to handle.

To give you a taste of the New Politics bounty to be had at, we've selected a couple of videos for you to watch. In the first clip, the band introduces themselves. Then, join New Politics as they go on a light, 30-hour jaunt through Oregon to get to a show, getting more and more punchy as the hours tick by. In the third video, get a look at New Politics' secrets to playing an electrifying gig. Finally, in the last video, New Politics has a little fun with hair products.

Check out all the New Politics videos below. And for more videos, tweets, blogs and everything else New Politics related, head over to

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