PHOTO: Grown Man Gets HUGE, DISTURBING Justin Bieber Tattoo

(Credit: TMZ)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the personification of the word "regret." A man in California decided it would be a good idea to get Justin Bieber's 16-year-old face tattooed on the front of his thigh. Well, not just tattooed on the front of his thigh but basically blanketing half of his entire leg. The worst (best?) part is that it barely even looks like Justin Bieber!

A lot of questions come to mind when first seeing this grown-a** man's Justin Bieber thigh tattoo: 1.) How many sheets to the wind was he when his assuredly intoxicated friend (enemy?) convinced him to do this? 2.) The thigh, bro? A 16-year-old boy's face that close to your swimsuit area? 3.) Was this the final straw? Did Mom and Dad finally kick him out of the basement?

But maybe I'm all wrong. Maybe this nice man is just one of the millions of die-hard Justin Bieber fans we've come to know and love. Maybe "Somebody To Love" is his No. 1 favorite song of all time. Or maybe tattooing a Justin Bieber face on his thigh was a "special agreement" between him and his bookie.

Who's to say, really? It's a free country! And actually, it could be worse.