10 Things To Know Now: Avril Goes Avatar, Beyonce's Not British And EVERY Celebrity EVER Is Pregnant

Hi, kids! Snowpocalypse II: Frosty's Revenge sorta disappointed, didn't it? Before you break into that stockpile of canned goods, take a moment to read this week's roundup of all the best things on the Internet.

1.) If 2010 was Celebrity Engagapalooza, then 2011 is Celebrity Bumparoo (like Bonaroo, get it?). So let's start a list pregnant famous people: Kate Hudson, Jewel, Mariah Carey, MAYBE Khloe Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Pink, Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard, Tia Mowry (remember her?!), Owen Wilson (well, his girlfriend or whatever), Jane Krakowski, Rachel Zoe, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Connelly. (MTV News)

2.) Mr. Katy Perry--Russell Brand, that is--covers the February issue of Cosmopolitan, and I don't know how I feel about it. Weirded out, mostly, I think. (Just Jared)

3.) Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have reportedly rekindled their very sexy romance. Sorry, other girl who has my name and also writes for this blog. (Buzzworthy)

4.) First there was Greyson Chance, the kid who sang Lady Gaga better than Lady Gaga. Now there is Timmy, the kid who I'm not entirely convinced isn't actually Ke$ha. (Buzzfeed)

5.) I love Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but like, it's not an album you can really play out loud in front of people, what with all those NSFW lyrics. Luckily, this blog has written a version of "Power" substituting all the naughty bits with yummy snack. (Tumblr)

6.) Former MTV PUSH Artist of the Week The Black Keys OWNED "Saturday Night Live" this week, tearing up the stage with live performances of "Howlin' for You" and "Tighten Up." Now that you love them, just remember where you heard about 'em first. (Hulu)

7.) Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus are good at a lot of things: singing, dancing, wearing hot pants. But, as you'll see in this video compilation by Urlesque, there are some things they are not so good at. Namely: British accents. Related note: Now that Katy Perry is married to a Brit, shouldn't her accent be really practiced and awesome? It's not. (Urlesque)

8.) 50 Cent made $8.7 million with one tweet. Insert joke about it being payable in half-dollars here. (NY Post)

9.) Avril Lavigne's video for "What The Hell" is going to be in Avatar-style 3D!!!!!!!!! Maybe she'll partner with Gaga to get some of those cool Polaroid glasses, and we can all wear them and watch it together on my couch. Just us blondes being blondes. You know how we do. (DirectLyrics)

10.) "Comparing Jane [Lynch] to the rest of the cast is like comparing the Great Barrier Reef with a piece of dog s***" And that, my friends, is why you should watch this video, featuring Sofia Vergara, Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith and Heather Morris, with the help of a few other New Directions, sing "Nuthin But A Glee Thing." (Funny or Die)