This Week In Celebrity Tweets: Justin Bieber Has Swag, Snooki's An Author, Adam Levine's Nudity

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Happy New Year, Tweeples! After a short holiday hiatus, we're back to bring you the funniest/coolest/weirdest news from your favorite celebrity tweeters. Let's do this!!

Justin Bieber took to the internet this week to remind us that he's cool (that's why I use the internet, too). He just tweeted the hashtag "#swag" and then sat back and unbuttoned his shirt. All you do is win, Biebs! We get it!

Also this week, Snooki (Pulitzer Prize winner-to-be) gave us an eloquent snippet of her book, "A Shore Thing." Nicki Minaj informed us that she, too, is somewhat of a literary scholar, as English was her favorite subject in school. Rihanna let us in on what she does when she's feeling lazy--watches "16 and Pregnant," just like us! And we're pretty sure Lil Wayne's account was hacked..."Treasures are meant to be found" doesn't exactly sound like the Weezy we know.

But the most "HALLELUJAH" moment of the week goes to Maroon 5's Adam Levine defending his desire to be naked at all times: "As much as I enjoy being naked for a good cause, I also just enjoy being naked. Period." And that you just heard was the sound of a single tear rolling down my cheek.

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I LOVED english. Loved writing. My fave subject by far barb > RT @: @ nicki, did you ever like english class?



watching 16+pregnant!



Dear @ I still have glitter coming out of places I didn't know glitter could be.



Thank you SO much for the Peoples Choice Award! It's sitting here all sparkly in my hotel room. I love you guys. :)



I feel so trashy when i drink coca cola light!?



As much as I enjoy being naked for a good cause. I also just enjoy being naked. Period.



Heard an early demo of my new single leaked. If u think that's good, wait til you hear the real one Tuesday. -Brit



Treasures are meant to be found.



Quote from my book "A Shore Thing" - "Gia was starting to wonder if he even had a braciole. Johnny Hulk of the ken doll crotch? Gia found a couple of marbles in a tea bag and a mushy worm. When she touched the worm, it twitched. Gia screamed. "

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