Buzzworthy Obsession: Acrylics, 'Molly's Vertigo'

Straight out of Brooklyn and comfortably set in the '80s, Acrylics are a newish band with a vintage sound. And to go with that vintage sound they've made a pretty incredible video for their track "Molly's Vertigo," which will surely send you running to the "vintage" section of

The video directed by Brendan Harman and Weird Days (who've made videos for Das Racist, Amazing Baby and Black Lips) is a remembrance of music videos past, calling to mind the visual works of the Eurythmics and Tango In The Night-era Fleetwood Mac.

That's fitting because Acrylics owe a lot of their sound to the aforementioned band, and singer Molly sure does a nice Stevie Nicks impersonation vocally. (We hear a little Blondie in there too.)

Acrylics released one EP, All Of The Fire, in 2008, via Terrible Records, the imprint run by Grizzly Bear member Chris Taylor. "Molly's Vertigo" is featured on their debut full-length album, Lives And Treasure, due out March 1.

Watch Acrylics' "Molly's Vertigo" video below. And as a bonus, get some Stevie Nicks in your life with Fleetwood Mac's "Seven Wonders" video.

Molly's Vertigo - Acrylics from Weird Days on Vimeo.