Ring In 2011 With New Avril Lavigne Single 'What The Hell'! For Free!

(Credit: Mark Ralston/Getty Images)

While the go-to New Year's song might be the Scots classic "Auld Lang Syne," so what? That's for old people! Nothing says "Happy New Year!" like Avril Lavigne screaming "What the hell!" at you through the speakers after your third first glass of champagne sparkling grape juice.

To help promote her new album, Goodbye Lullaby (due out Mar. 8), Avril Lavigne is offering fans the chance to download her first single "What The Hell" free of charge. (That's free-ninety-nine, people.) All you have to do is go to Avril's Facebook page on Jan. 1 and "Like" her (we did!!) to obtain access to download the song for 48 hours. Giving us that extra day is pretty nice of her, considering all of New Year's Day is usually reserved for cleaning up barf, confetti and glitter. (It's like being Ke$ha!)

Avril will be performing her new single "What The Hell" on "Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve" on ABC, and hopefully Dick Clark will let us in on which brand of stem cells he rubs on his face to keep him looking not a day over 55...for the past 30 years.