MTV Artists To Watch 2011: Graffiti6

Mixing and matching music genres is pretty much how it's done in today's pop game. The radio sounds like an iPod Shuffle, and the songs on the radio are made with an "everything-and-the-kitchen-sink" kind of flair. Whether you're talking about Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Cee Lo or Ke$ha, today's chart-toppers are fearless when it comes to never committing to just one style or sound.

The same goes for the new Brit duo Graffiti6, made up of singer Jamie Scott and producer/DJ Tommy D. On their debut album, Colours, the band mixes together your typical Brit arena rock (think Snow Patrol, Coldplay) with slick, funky rhythms.

The band members have described themselves as "psychedelic Northern Soul," but on Colours you hear flourishes of gospel ("Annie You Save Me") and hushed singer/songwriter balladry ("Over You"). On the single "Stare Into The Sun," you'll hear rump-shaking funk-rock. And Scott's expressive, dexterous vocals bring it all together.

Watch Graffiti6's video for "Stare Into The Sun," below. Colours is out now.

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