New Video: Ashlyne Huff, 'All I Want For Christmas'

(Credit: Getty Images)

We found something very surprising when we first listened to Ashlyne Huff's version of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas"--we loved it! Attempting to remake a holiday classic is one thing, but pulling it off is entirely another. Many props to Ashlyne for getting it right!

Honor Society tourmate Ashlyne Huff teamed up with the Salvation Army to record her version of "All I Want For Christmas" to help promote the organization's Red Kettle Campaign, which helps raise money for those in need. The video is made up of vignettes of Ashlyne spreading holiday cheer--reading books to children, helping kids out with their homework, and lending a helping hand at a soup kitchen. When she's not volunteering, we see cutie Ashlyne bundled up in her adorbz winter gear, singing her heart out in the middle of a winter wonderland.

Ashlyne's video for "All I Want For Christmas" is exactly what the holidays should be about, people! Giving back, lots of snow, and fantastic leopard-print scarfs (obviously).

+ Watch Ashlyne Huff's "All I Want For Christmas" here!