We HAVE To Say Something About The Sheer SEO Genius Of 'I Just Had Sex'

I know, we're so Saturday night on a Tuesday afternoon, but it took us some time to wrap our brains around the Google-minded genius of The Lonely Island (the guys behind "Saturday Night Live"'s digital shorts) and Akon's latest digital short "I Just Had Sex." Well, let's be real with each other: First we had to come to grips with the fact that our mega-crush Andy Samberg was ACTUALLY saying the word "sex" on TV. We'd simply been subconsciously hearing it come out of his mouth every time he says, you know, anything. Like "the."

THEN we stumbled upon this blog post discussing the SEO (that's search engine optimization, BT dubs) GOLD that is a music video featuring patented hotties Blake Lively and Jessica Alba with the word "sex" in the title. What "Maxim" man HASN'T done a little "research" on the topic?

The video itself is full of subtly hilarious gems that manifest as you watch it multiple times. For starters, a be-tube-socked Blake Lively and Jessica Alba, with a side pony (hilarious in and of itself!) respectively, looking totally disgusted. Andy Samberg emerging from the ladies' room inexplicably, saying, "Oh hey, didn't see you there, guess what I just did? Had sex..." Jorma Taccone making a postcoital phone call to his parents from Jessica Alba's landline. The fact that Andy Samberg felt the need to specify that he did it with his penis. Last, we heart the part when the guys ponder over pedis about why their female counterparts even wanted them to do it (doesn't really make sense?).

And Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer--if you guys ever need some SEO guidance from a seasoned gal of the Interwebs--you know, don't be strangers, OK? Pretty sure we'll all never go back to our "not-having-sex ways of the past."

Watch "I Just Had Sex" (again) and tell us what you think!