10 Things To Know Now: Usher Gets Faced, Andy Samberg Just Had Sex, Beatboxing Hamster!

(Credit: Wire Images / Film Magic / jordan strauss / Steven Lawton

(Credit: WireImage/FilmMagic/Jordan Strauss/Steven Lawton)

Hey, ya'll! Welcome back to your weekly internet road map. Buckle up, 'cause we've got 10 stops to make before Christmas.

1.) Leighton Meester is the latest actress to get her twang on for the upcoming drama "Country Song," following in the still-fresh bootprints of Gwyneth Paltrow. We have no choice but to pit them against each other and choose a winner. I vote Leigh all the way. Click the links below to see performances by each and then weigh in with your pick in the comments. (Idolator, Just Jared)

2.) Not sick of year-end lists yet? Me neither. Here's a good one: Spinner has crowned Swedish pop pixie Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" the top pop song of 2010. I like this list because they managed to find room for Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" at a very respectable No. 7. (Spinner)

3.) Despite recent evidence to the contrary, the annual Kardashian Christmas card wasn't always so kreepy! Kim shared a gallery of the family's seasons greetings from years past, featuring some adorably old fashions and um, equally adorable old noses. (Celebuzz)

4.) Oh, Demi, Demi, Demi Lovato. Girl, if you MUST lick your girlfriend's face while your cleavage is all busting out, don't take a picture. It will end up on the Internet. I know you probably didn't go to college yet, but c'mon, that's Being A Celebrity 101. Also though, we still adore you. (TheFABlife)

5.) On to more lighthearted things, this is what I want for Christmas--a beatboxing hamster. (No acorns were harmed during the filming of this LOLZ. Maybe a berry, though.) (YouTube)

6.) Before she was all underpants-sexytime on the November issue of GQ, "Glee" star Lea Michele used to be just a normal high school student, you guys! Except that she was still a really, really, like exceptionally good singer, and I probably would've hated her for it. (The Seven)

7.) Hey, I think I figured out what happened to the "Pants on the Ground" guy from "American Idol" Season 9: He invented these garter belts for guys--you know, the accessory that helps you keep your jeans at the precise height between your waist and knees. (NewsLite)

8.) Did you know that the 1990 family holiday movie "Home Alone" proves that Elvis is still alive? Well, still alive in 1990. Anyway, GAME CHANGER! Buzzfeed has 11 other mind-blowing factoids you didn't know about the film. (Buzzfeed)

9.) Last week at Madison Square Garden, a fan who was trying to be all sexy on Usher--after he'd pulled her on stage for a romantic serenade--did the most unsexy thing ever: She kicked him in the face. Lap dance EPIC FAIL. (RyanSeacrest.com)

10.) Presented without comment: The Lonely Island, featuring Akon (and Blake Lively and Jessica Alba), "I Just Had Sex" (Hulu)