MTV Artist To Watch 2011: A Day To Remember

(Credit: Phill M)

Florida's A Day To Remember are good at lots of things: making us laugh (see their funny music videos), making us want to mosh (perhaps even break out the old "picking up change"/floor punch), making us scream along to the loud parts and feel all warm and tender with the soft ones. In the punk-screamo-Warped Tour scene, nobody switches gears and mixes it up like this.

The group's latest release, What Separates Me From You, shows off their growth as songwriters, with songs like "All I Want" and "All Signs Point To Lauderdale" sounding particularly ready for the radio. Despite the shiny new tunes, A Day To Remember, powered by Jeremy McKinnon's dexterous vocals, still knows how to crack a joke and turn up the volume.

Be sure to look out for A Day To Remember on the road in 2011; the band will no doubt be touring incessantly and coming to a town near you.

Check out A Day To Remember's hilarious "I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?" video below and watch them perform an acoustic version of "Have Faith In Me," live at MTV.

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