Finally! A WEARABLE Lady Gaga Meat Dress!

(Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/

Are those 70 pounds of meat hanging in your closet taking up too much room? Or are the flies they're attracting really cramping your style? Time to feed it to the dogs because we found this CRAZY AMAZING meat dress that's just a tad more wearable than the infamous one Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV VMAs. You're welcome!

Yesterday we clued you in on some "unique" DIY gifts for the Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift or Kanye West fan in your life... and we were pretty much kidding. But this dress would seriously make an awesome Christmas present.

Even though we're not really up on our bovine biology, we're going to guess that this dress is not anatomically correct. But it doesn't matter because it is anatomically adorable. (Zing!) It does look like everything is where it's supposed to be, though--the ribs are by the ribs, the shoulders are on the shoulders and the rack is definitely... on point.

And let's get real, this might be the only piece of clothing out there that lets you get away with wearing the word "RACK" right on your chest without leading people to believe you find most of your work on Craigslist. That's a win in our book.

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