New Video: Big Time Rush, 'Big Night'

Big-time fans of Big Time Rush will already know the score with this group of fresh-faced boys, but here's a refresher course: Big Time Rush is a neo-boy-band that stars on a Nick show of the same name, which chronicles their attempts at making it big in the music business.

Here we have a new video from Big Time Rush, "Big Night." While their Nick show obviously handles most of the documenting of their career, this vid gives a more offhanded and candid look at the boys in the band.

As the pulsating electronic-tinged pop song pumps away, we get a great travelogue of Big Time Rush, on the road, venturing out with them to malls, stages and amusement parks all across the country.

Check out Big Time Rush's "Big Night" video, below. "Big Night" is taken from Big Time Rush's BTR album, which is out now. To find out when "Big Time Rush," the Nick show, is playing, hit up the show's site at Nick.