This Janet Jackson Barbie Doll Is All We Want For Christmas!

(Credit: Mattel)

Mattel has become a part of the rhythm nation!

The Barbie brand has partnered with Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) to produce a limited-edition Janet Jackson Barbie doll to be auctioned for charity via The auction ends Dec. 15. This toy IS pricey at 15K, but who's to say a major major Janet fan won't think that's a fair price for the chance to "fall in love with [Janet] again," albeit this time in a plastic iteration? The Janet Jackson Barbie comes with a certificate of authenticity and a display case for showcasing your Janet adoration--because that's the way love goes.

Earlier in the year, Mattel produced Lady Gaga, Christina Hendricks and Christian Louboutin versions of their timeless toy. We're impressed with the uncanny facial likeness the brand's Janet's plastic doppelganger boasts. Janet's wide-set eyes, perfectly placed Marilyn Monroe mole and pixie 'do are all spot-on. Her smile is genuinely huge, as it should be because this diva gets to carry a blinged-out microphone. The belled-sleeved, Swarovski crystal-adorned black number Janet Jackson's Barbie doll rocks is a replica of what the real Janet wore during her performance on American Idol. Looks like it's secure enough to ensure there will be no wardrobe malfunction, don't you think?