New Video: Michael Jackson, Featuring Akon, 'Hold My Hand'

A few days ago we saw a sneak peek at the new video for "Hold My Hand" from Michael Jackson, featuring Akon. It's the first single from the King of Pop's posthumous album Michael.

The profound impact Michael Jackson had on his fans is impossible to overstate. But the video for "Hold My Hand" does a really nice job of showing how much he meant to so many, in a particularly stylish and touching way.

While Akon--who recorded the duet in 2007 and finished the track prior to the release of Michael--probably gets as much screen time as the late Michael Jackson, the real star of the video is Michael Jackson's fanbase, as we see the various ways Michael impacted people's lives, whether it be through his music or his dancing.

It's all pretty impressionistic, but if the point of Michael Jackson's music was to bring people together, this clip does a really good job visualizing that message.

Watch the video for Michael Jackson's "Hold My Hand," featuring Akon, below. Michael is due out Dec. 14.