PHOTOS: Famous Male Celebrities Wearing Jeggings!

(Credit: TBS)

While we sat in amazement and watched Conan O'Brien parade around like a praying mantis in jeggings (jean leggings) on his show last week, we started to think about why Conan looked so familiar. We had seen these pants before...

We dug through our photo archives and found exactly what we suspected -- that some of our favorite Buzzworthy men have been jegging it up since way back! And we have the incriminating pics to prove it.

Check out our photo gallery of Buzzworthy guys who were leading the jeggings pack before Conan had a pair hanging in his dressing room.

(Credit: Andrew H. Walker/WireImage)

Now listen, we're not saying that this picture of 30 Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto is of him wearing jeggings, but we're also not saying it's of him not wearing jeggings -- he's wearing stretch pants. Just kidding, they're probably just regular jeans but come on, they look pretty yoga-inspired to us. Right. We obviously have a loose interpretation of jeggings, but let's just play along and all have fun.

(Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Here we see Justin Bieber in what I like to call "hip-hop jeggings." They're jeggings that say, "Maybe the bottom of my pants are tight, but there's plenty of room to chill up top where it matters." We hear ya, Justin. And we're not judging.

(Credit: Rahav Segev/WireImage)

And here we have Hanson lead singer Taylor Hanson in what can only be described as NSFW jeans. Taylor, we love you (honestly, seriously, call me) and we're still playing "Thinkin' Bout Somethin'" on repeat, but no offense, how are you breathing?

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