New Video: Rocky Loves Emily, 'Clueless'

Based on the title of the song, you might expect an Alicia Silverstone or Paul Rudd cameo in this brand-new video, "Clueless," by pop-punk/new wave band Rocky Loves Emily. But for as much as we love Cher and the rest of the gang from the '90s teen comedy, it's probably best that the Detroit six-piece kept the cultural references a little more contemporary.

In their "Clueless" video, off their American Dream EP, Rocky Loves Emily play judges in a low-rent version of "American Idol" (the auditions are held in a neglected part of Detroit, and there is no Seacrest in sight). It would seem this particular talent show is still in its early stages, as the wheat has definitely not been separated from the chaff.

We see all types of competitors, from Katharine McPhee wannabes, to wayward Juggalos to viking-helmet-wearing metalheads. It's quite the human tapestry. The whole talent show tryout motif dovetails nicely with the titular theme of Rocky Loves Emily's find-your-path-to-happiness EP, which is out now.

+ Watch Rocky Loves Emily's "Clueless" video.