This Naked Lady Gaga Statue Represents The Oil Spill

(Credit: Splash News)

From the artist who brought you the bizarre Britney Spears Giving Birth artifact comes the latest in gonzo, political-pop-culture artistry: Lady Gaga, Patron Saint Of The Gulf.

That's right, Daniel Edwards, the man who immortalized a rather unique vision of Britney Spears in the throes of labor, has given the same over-the-top treatment to Lady Gaga. The above "oil-covered" nude rendition of Lady Gaga, as described on Edwards' Facebook page, finds our favorite "Telephone" operator depicted as St. Francis of Assisi, holding an "ailing" octopus in her arms, while a oil-slicked pelican struggles above her. All this while oil-covered Gaga stands on the British Petroleum logo.

Feel free to take a minute and read that again. Yes, naked Gaga, as St. Francis, with dying octopus, pelican hovering above, atop an oil company logo. Art!

Why did someone think that Gaga was the best vessel to convey his outrage at the BP oil spill and the company's handling of the disaster? Unclear. Though it certainly grabs your attention.

As if all of this wasn't insane and awesome enough, according to Edwards (again, via his Facebook), a company in Brooklyn wants him to re-create these statues as ceramic car dashboard ornaments. So definitely look for that next time you get in a cab in New York!