Video You Need To Know: Natalia Kills, 'Mirrors'

(Credit: WireImage)

Buzzworthy girl crush Natalia Kills has released a steamy video for her single "Mirrors," and we have to say we're completely on board here. Broken into three acts ("Vanity," "Control" and "Sex," which are exactly the three words we'd use to describe ourselves), "Mirrors" explores the deep-rooted issues that can uncover the perfectionist in all of us. But most important, Natalia has a pair of those YSL mohawk heels!! #soeffingjealous

In the video, Natalia Kills hits the club in lingerie and is greeted by two guards wearing those super creepy clear-plastic Halloween masks that give us a panic attack. They let her in, the music drops and Natalia takes us on a one-woman journey through the seedy underbelly of goth clubs. Just kidding, it's actually mostly a bunch of shots of Natalia singing into a...(wait for it)...mirror. Yay, themes!

Fans are excited for Natalia Kills' debut album Perfectionist, due out in March 2011, and "Mirrors" is the perfect first track. Even though the song is dark and goth-y, it's still totally danceable, which everyone loves. The Lady Gaga comparisons are rampant--which makes sense since "Mirrors" was produced by Akon and Cherry Cherry Boom Boom--but we see Natalia Kills taking her songs in a different direction. And she has brown hair. Duh.