Star Spotting: Lady Gaga's Madame Tussauds Waxwork Unveiled!

(Credit: Splash News)

I don't know why I'm always surprised when I see a Madame Tussauds waxwork and think it's incredibly lifelike. I mean, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO at Madame Tussauds! Make lifelike waxworks! It's not a side job for them!

The above waxwork of Lady Gaga, sporting a "Telephone"-tastic ensemble, complete with Philip Treacy hat, is particularly great, though. Just look at the facial expression! It's so...Gaga!

We talked about the eight different Lady Gaga waxworks being crafted by the folks at Madame Tussauds a while back. The one above is being featured in London, while other waxworks will appear at Tussauds locations in Shanghai, China, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and various other cities.

According to British newspaper "The Sun," the Gaga waxworks cost £150,000 each to create. All eight figures were designed and crafted in London.

Wonder what Gaga thinks of all this wax worship? What do you think of the above figure? Think it's realistic? Let us know in the comments.