Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Is The New Face Of CoverGirl

(Credit: CoverGirl)

You know what's kind of awesome about the above image of Taylor Swift, taken from her first Cover Girl campaign? The pose, outfit and setting don't look out of place for Taylor.

I mean, can't you just see Taylor like, chilling in some frilly ol' effortless thing, hair did, sitting on the floor. And even better, right after the photo was taken, she'd probably DM Hayley Williams or something. That's just how she rolls. Like she can at once be a fantastical princess and a normal young woman.

As the new face of CoverGirl, it's sort of expected that Taylor has the putting on makeup thing totally sewn up...

'Totally under control, guys'

But, to hear Taylor tell it, she was not always such an accomplished makeup applier! In an interview with E!, Swift recalled the days when she looked more like another Taylor, Taylor Momsen, when, in middle school, she would apply copious amounts of black eye makeup with "catastrophic results." She told E!, "I thought it was OK to put black eye shadow all the way from your lash to your eyebrow."

She has obviously learned her lesson. Not a catastrophe in sight, here. Taylor Swift is specifically the new face of Cover Girl's NatureLux line, which will be launching in January. You can watch Taylor's interview with E!, below.