5 AWESOME New Christmas Songs You Need To Know!

Let me set the scene, my little elves. You're home for Christmas, staring blankly into the televised Yule Log, absentmindedly pawing at the abomination of a sweater you're being forced to wear by some overzealous family member or another ("your aunt worked very hard on that!"), listening to the 303rd playing of Bing Crosby's "White Christmas," regretting that you couldn't make one late addition to your wish list: "Dear Santa, please bring me some NEW Christmas music!"

Well, I ain't Santa. But I do have some new Christmas music for you to add to your "Egg Noggin' Beats" playlist. Here are a few newish, Christmas-themed tracks, sure to spice up your holidays.

1.) Coldplay, "Christmas Lights"

Viva La Santa! This one is sort of depressing ("Christmas night, another fight"), but then again, so are the holidays! Yay! Besides, like most Coldplay songs, "Christmas Lights" features a rousing chorus that you can sing around the piano with family and friends.

2.) The Killers, "Boots"

The latest in The Killers' annual Christmas single series, "Boots," is a shuffling, gorgeous mid-tempo track about pain, loss, cinnamon candles and snowball fights. The song has a great video, directed by Jared Hess ("Napoleon Dynamite"), that echoes the Jimmy Stewart Christmas institution "It's A Wonderful Life."

3.) Rihanna, "A Child Is Born"

You know what everyone stowed away in some snowy, frigid metropolis really wants for Christmas? To go to the islands! Well this Rihanna track, taken from NOW (That's What I Call Christmas), Vol. 4 is the next best thing to a plane ticket. Rihanna's rendition of the Christmas classic is peppered with island flavor, featuring a reggae-tinged guitar and rhythm.

4.) Hurts, "All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day"

Manchester duo Hurts have taken the Brit music press by storm this year. And one listen to their morose, literate and romantic "All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day" (and its attendant video, set at a funeral) and you'll see why. This is Pet Shop Boys pop done right, right in time for the holidays.

5.) Summer Camp, "Christmas Wrapping"

An obscure new band covering an obscure Christmas classic? Sure! Here we have the delightful U.K. band who try their hand at this underrated Christmas classic by the '80s band The Waitresses. It's the perfect combination of sincerity and depression, complete with lo-fi keyboards made to sound like the inside of a department store on Dec. 20.