Star Spotting: Kim Kardashian Now Dating Beloved Christmas Characters?

(Credit: Splash News)

OK, well she's not dating them. But would it even shock you at this point if you picked up a tabloid and found out that Kim Kardashian was dating Santa Claus ("Mrs. Claus Shock At Santa Romp With Kim!") or even an elf ("Kardashian's Little Helper!")? No! Of course not!

In truth, the above shot was taken, where else, in Los Angeles, where Kim Kardashian was celebrating the release of the latest in a long line of products to bear her name.

Kardashian and the beloved soldier from "The Nutcracker" were on hand at The Whisper Lounge at the Grove in L.A. to launch her new line of watches with The Brissmor Company. What time is it? It's Kardashian o'clock.

The guy with her, who is not really a mythical solider, but rather a mere actor, seems pretty psyched at his gig. I mean, would you rather do the umpteenth performance of "The Nutcracker," while distracted kids play with their Silly Bandz? Or hang out with Kim Kardashian? Right. Kim Kardashian.

Besides, the reality megastar recently told E!, "I'll date almost anyone." So there's hope for you yet, soldier!