4 Reasons We Can't Wait For Avril Lavigne's New Album

Attention "Sk8er Bois" and gals: Avril Lavigne is releasing a new album! Goodbye Lullaby is Avril's fourth album, and it's due out March 8, 2011, just about four years after her last album, The Best Damn Thing. Avril will debut her first single, "What The Hell" on New Year's Eve during "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve." That's about all the cursing I'm allowed to fit into this paragraph.

There are many reasons to be excited for a new Avril album! And here are just four reasons we can't wait for for Goodbye Lullaby:

1.) New car songs: Avril Lavigne has made some of the best alone-in-your-car sing-along songs ever. Hello! "Complicated?" "My Happy Ending?" Avril has a way of releasing the inner tormented teenager in all of us, and we can't wait to bang on the steering wheel to some new tracks.

2.) Brody Jenner insight: The Hills romeo Brody Jenner has dated some of our favorite ladies, Avril Lavigne being the latest. And we're not gonna lie--we get a little kick out of hearing songs about a famous relationship (cough, cough - Taylor Swift).

3.) Spreading tutu awareness: Tutus aren't only for mannequins at Baby Gap. Sure, your mom's told you time and again how stupid it looks but so what! Avril Lavigne has done for tutus what Nicki Minaj is doing for green wigs. Let your freak flag fly!

4.) Summer jams: Along with some of our favorite car songs, Avril is also a great purveyor of summer jams. Windows down, tank tops on and Avril yelling mild obscenities from the stereo. Our fingers are crossed for a summer 2011 version of "Girlfriend."

Goodbye Lullaby is set for release in March of 2011. Get your Manic Panic and middle fingers ready.

+ Watch Avril's "Happy Ending" video (because it's my favorite), and watch more Avril videos.