Video Sneak Peek: Michael Jackson, Featuring Akon, 'Hold My Hand'

Even though he's no longer with us, a music video from Michael Jackson is still an epic event. And in "Hold My Hand," the video for the King of Pop's collaboration with Akon, taken from his posthumous album, Michael, it looks like we have a real winner on our hands.

"Hold My Hand" is an inspirational tune in the vein of "Man In The Mirror." The sneak peek of the video betrays a high-end production with shots of babies running, people dancing, crowds singing, grass blowing and Akon singing.

According to MTV News, this collaboration with Akon was actually recorded in 2007. An unfinished version of the track came out in 2008, but the version on Michael was recently finished and polished by Akon for the album.

Check out the sneak peek of Michael Jackson and Akon's "Hold My Hand" video, below. Michael is scheduled to come out Dec. 14.

+ Watch a sneak peek of Michael Jackson and Akon's "Hold My Hand" video.