We HAVE To Say Something About Katy Perry And Russell Brand As Red Carpet Husband And Wife

(Credit: Getty Images)

Katy Perry played wifey last night next to her husband, Russell Brand, at the premiere of his new film, "The Tempest." A special round of applause for Katy Perry for not wearing any visible pleather latex, or rubber (key word "visible"). Instead, the "Firework" singer donned a beautiful gray Elie Saab number, and she looked quite lovely. We're also feeling the natural makeup and fresh pink lips. More of this please!

Word on the street is Katy Perry also wore a gray Elie Saab dress on her wedding day, and that makes us wonder if it looked anything like this dress. In fact, maybe this is her wedding dress? Are we looking at a photo of Katy and Russell's wedding? How would we ever know? There are currently 0.00 pictures of Katy and Russell's wedding on the internet! How can this be? My great uncle in Iowa has a Facebook page, but we can't see what the singer looked like on her wedding day? Unfair.

We get it--there are certain things Katy Perry wants to keep to herself. And we have to say we applaud her and her family and friends for holding fast to her privacy and personal life. But, KATY! PLEASE? Just one peek at your wedding photos and dress? Don't wait until WikiLeaks gets to it and it's too late!!