Star Spotting: Lady Gaga, Heel-Free And Smile-Free In Milan

(Credit: INF Photo)

It might not be fashion week in Milan right now, but nobody told our Lady Gaga. Last week we spotted Gaga on a shopping expedition, dressed like a villain from "The Matrix" or a more femme fatale version of Edward Scissorhands. Then, over the weekend, this photo was snapped of Lady Gaga exiting a car, looking like the saddest dominatrix in the whole world.

Wearing a pair of heel-free Noritaka Tatehana shoes, Gaga strode into a Milan recording studio (possibly to put some finishing touches on Born This Way?). I used to wear shoes like that myself, actually. However, mine were called "strength shoes." They weren't Noritaka Tatehana's and I wore them at basketball camp, not in Milan. They also never helped me achieve my dream of dunking a basketball. That's why I'm blogging. End of personal anecdote.

Props to Gaga for refusing to ever take the day off from being Gaga. Though we have to wonder whether wearing all that couture and not having any heels wears a girl down. She does not look like a happy camper. Maybe it's because she still can't dunk either!