Check Out Matisyahu's AWESOME New Hanukkah Video!

(Credit: Episode Phive)

What's up, my fellow tribespeople? Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah (aka HK2K10). And while we do have eight nights of presents, delicious latkes and Drake on our team, there is one thing we do lack that Christmas has all over us (NOT that it's a competition or anything). And that thing is good Hanukkah music.

Are there entire radio stations devoted to playing just Hanukkah music? Definitely not. Did Mariah Carey ever record an irresistible Hanukkah hit? Sadly, no. Thankfully Matisyahu seized upon the opportunity to fill that gaping hole in the Hanukkah music market with his new song, "Miracle," and it's the GREATEST Hanukkah song EVER (despite the fact that there are like 10 total Hanukkah songs.) And, speaking of Passover, that would've been enough for us, but he topped it off, like sour cream on said latke, with a fun, spirited video that takes place on ice, obviously. Finally! A Hanukkah song that doesn't suck (no offense, Peter, Paul And Mary). I couldn't have asked for a better Hanukkah present.

Watch Matisyahu's "Miracle" video. It's eight nights and eight lights, y'all!

Matisyahu - Miracle from Matisyahu on Vimeo.