MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: My Chemical Romance

(Credit: Kristian Dowling/PictureGroup)

Last week, the New Jersey arena punks of My Chemical Romance released their dazzling new full-length album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. And this week, My Chemical Romance is MTV's PUSH Artist of the Week.

It's one of the great pleasures of being a music fan to watch a band evolve. And nothing has given fans more pleasure than witnessing My Chemical Romance grow from ferocious emo-punks, playing basement shows in New Jersey, to glam-rock titans, playing arenas all over the world.

Danger Days takes the grandeur of their previous work, The Black Parade, and tightens the reins, creating a laser-focused, Technicolor punk-rock opera about a dystopian future that sounds a lot like our present.

Below we have an almost embarrassing amount of awesome MCR stuff for you to take in. You can watch live performance videos from the band's recent gig at Los Angeles' House Of Blues, which was streamed live on You can also check out the My Chemical Romance's Buzzworthy fan interview, which was filmed at the House Of Blues.

+ Watch on-demand videos of My Chemical Romance performing "Helena" and "SING," live at L.A.'s House Of Blues, as well as My Chemical Romance's fan interview and behind-the-scenes clips all below. And see more video from the show here.

+ Check out images from My Chemical Romance's incredible performance at L.A.'s House Of Blues.