10 Things To Know Now: All Things Kanye, Ke$ha Winter Hats, Taylor Swift On Tour!

Before you slip into your tryptophan-induced coma, here are 10 pop culture internet-y things you need to know! Happy Thanksgiving!

1.) Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was finally released this week, and our friends over at "Vulture" created "The Obsessive Guide" to all things Kanye, including an in-depth breakdown of "Swift Gate" and an interview with the artist behind that controversial album cover. (NY Mag)

2.) If you're afraid your winter wardrobe just isn't Ke$ha enough, fear no more. Get yourself one of these trusty fur animal hoods STAT. All you need next is a pound of glitter and some blue lipstick. (Refinery29)

3.) Remember that Montell Jordan song from the 90s, "This Is How We Do It"? If not, let this guy (who is basically your sixth-grade math teacher) refresh your memory with an eerily spot-on version of the song in a video for some place called Oasis Karaoke. He's an OG Mack for sure. (Buzzfeed)

4.) Justin Timberlake to kids: "Everything that you feel makes you weird is essentially what's going to make you sexy as an adult." Check out this video of JT talking to Ellen about bullying and his advice on celebrating your differences. Fine, Justin, I'll marry you. (Neon Limelight)

5.) In "Things You Thought Were Fake" news, the "Mean Girls 2" trailer is here. No Lindsay Lohan, no Rachel McAdams, no Tina Fey, but yes, Tim Meadows? This is why we can't have nice things. (TDW)

6.) Attention video game geeks/electronic music nerds! The dudes over at Spin got their hands on five new real tracks from Daft Punk's highly anticipated "Tron: Legacy" soundtrack and kindly summed them up for us. Also included: a link to preview the tracks next week. (Spin)

7.) Fans of Taylor Momsen's "Gossip Girl" character Little J are going to be disappointed to find out that The Pretty Reckless singer has been placed on hiatus from the show following a string of bad behavior. Uh-oh. We don't like the sounds of this. (Celebuzz)

8.) Before "Glee" was doing it every week, your favorite TV shows have been experimenting with musical episodes since way back when. Here's a countdown of the 10 best musical episodes in television history--everything from cult favorite "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" to "Daria" to "Xena Warrior Princess." (Flavorwire)

9.) Taylor Swift's headed out on a world tour, y'all! Starting off in Singapore and wrapping up in Dallas, Texas, Taylor's "Speak Now" tour will span nine months and 19 countries. I'm tired just reading that. Check out her tour dates here. (MTV)

10.) And from the guys who brought us children reenacting "The Hills" and "Jersey Shore," we now have children reenacting Kanye West's Twitter feed. Is it legal to marry the internet yet? (PopEater)