Star Spotting: Wears LEGO Hat To American Music Awards

(Credit: Splash News)

My mother always said it wasn't polite to talk about money, but if I was worried about being polite I'm really in the wrong business. So, with that in mind, let's just safely assume that is paid. Just take into account the popularity of Black Eyed Peas jams such as "I Gotta Feeling," "Boom Boom Pow" and "My Humps."

And if you need more proof of's wealth, look no further than your man's LEGO hat, being rocked above in a picture snapped on the American Music Awards red carpet. To wear such a hat, one must either be a) crazy or b) rich. And ain't crazy.

Extra kudos, props and slow-clapped applause go to Will for his ability to really thread the needle on the entire outfit and see it through to completion. Because, as we all know, a LEGO hat is nothing without its LEGO necklace.

Congrats to Not only did the Black Eyed Peas win Favorite Band, Duo or Group at the AMAs, but you won the red carpet and, possibly, life.

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