New Videos: Ke$ha, 'Animal' And 'Stephen'

(Credit: Splash News)

For the last few weeks we've heard a barrage of new Ke$ha material, all stemming from her new mini-album/EP Cannibal, which will be released along with the reissue of her debut album, Animal.

With "We R Who We R," "Blow" and the title track, "Cannibal," all floating around out there, and Cannibal's release scheduled for Nov. 22, it may seem like an odd time for Ke$ha to drop two new videos for songs from Animal. But Ke$ha pretty much does whatever she wants, right?

First up is "Animal," which sort of reminds me of Katy Perry's "Firework" (yes, it predates the Perry track). "Animal" is a slow-building anthem that goes from mid-tempo ballad to dance-floor lifesaver. The video might be the classiest thing Ke$ha's ever done; there's nary a trashed house or trashed partygoer in sight.

"Stephen" is a different animal (haw haw) all together. If Ke$ha's two major interests are partying too hard and falling in love too fast, then "Stephen" definitely covers the latter. It's a digitally damaged, obsessive track with a video made up of still shots of Ke$ha going to some extreme lengths to show "Stephen" how much she's feeling him.

Check out Ke$ha's videos for "Animal" and "Stephen" below.

+ Watch Ke$ha's "Animal" and "Stephen" videos.