5 Things Taylor Swift Should Obsess Over Instead Of Boys

(Credit: Splash News)

We love Taylor Swift. And you know what Taylor Swift loves? Boys. Or at least talking about them and obsessing over them and writing music about them. If you Google "Taylor Swift talks boys," you get 1,680,000 results. And that's totally scientific.

So we thought we'd come up with some other stuff Taylor Swift could channel all her boy craziness into. They might be a little weird, but we gotta cure girlfriend of her lovesickness somehow, right?

1. Taylor Should Obsess Over Making Stuff For Etsy

Maybe channel all that boy-crazy energy into making Scrabble necklaces or earrings that look like French fries.

2. Taylor Should Obsess Over Flipping Houses

We know Taylor Swift has an eye for interior design, so imagine Taylor Swift postponing her next album because she was busy knocking down walls to create breakfast nooks and getting into arguments with granite salesmen over the price of Travertine countertops?

3. Taylor Should Obsess Over Writing "Lord Of The Rings" Fan Fiction

When it comes to the real world, Taylor gets all worked up about the boys. Maybe she needs to think about another world, or a Middle Earth? How about spending your time penning tales about the horse maidens of Rohan or something?

4. Taylor Should Obsess Over Her Fantasy Football Team

It's safe to say there are few demographic groups Taylor has yet to conquer, but trust me, if she started spouting off about Arian Foster or Josh Cribbs in interviews, the world's stat-crunching fantasy football dorks would be putty in her hands.

5. Taylor Should Obsess Over A Career In Hip-Hop

We already know that Taylor Swift can rap--remember "Thug Story" with T-Pain? If Taylor Swift started rapping full time, she could FINALLY collaborate with Kanye West! It'd be the greatest collaboration OF ALL TIME!

+ What do you think Taylor should become obsessed with? Let us know in the comments.