Star Spotting: Ke$ha Rocks A Mohawk... And It Almost Kinda Works!

(Credit: Splash News)

I, personally, demure whenever my hairstylist asks if I'd like a little product in my hair. That's just me. I also don't brush my teeth with Jack Daniels, like our girl Ke$ha. So when presented with the opportunity to use a little sculpting gel, Ke$ha quite clearly went to town.

At last night's Us Weekly Stars Who Care Party, the "We R Who We R" singer was working a hairdo that was one part Ed Grimley, one part lazy mohawk.

Also in attendance were folks such as Chris Brown, Brandy and Taio Cruz, though none of them sported such eye-catching, gravity defying hair as Ke$ha.

Generally, the frequency and insanity of Ke$ha's paparazzi photographs are linked to whether or not she has a new release coming. So wouldn't you know it, Ke$ha's Cannibal drops on Nov. 22. Not that we're complaining. We can't get enough of her pics or her music.

Check out another shot of Ke$ha's mohawk, below. And see how Ke$ha got the dollar sign in her name.