New Song: Amerie, 'Outside Your Body'

(Credit: Splash News)

Along with producer Rich Harrison, Amerie's been responsible for concocting a potent form of modern R&B, with songs like "Dangerous" and "Gotta Work," along with "1 Thing," creating some of the best R&B/soul tracks of the last 10 years.

Now, with her new song, "Outside Your Body" and her forthcoming Cymatika Vol. 1 album (due out next year), Amerie is taking a trip to the dance floor, with a sound that references house and trance. Anyone who's ever been clubbing knows that dancing is an international language. And with that in mind, Amerie tacks a huge chorus onto this track, one that reads like a travelogue: "Let me take you to London town and Paris, yeah. Tokyo and Seoul" (big it up to her Korean roots!)

Take a spin with this new Amerie track, "Outside Your Body." Cymatika Vol. 1 is due out next year.

+ Listen to Amerie's "Outside Your Body."