The Buzz On: Kitten

(Credit: Tiger Tiger Photography)

We admit that here at Buzzworthy we're kind of into (read: totally obsessed with) cats because of all the LOLZ they bring us, but this time we're not talking about that kind of kitty. We're talking about Kitten, an indie pop-rock foursome out of Los Angeles. They've been getting a ton of hype, and they deserve all of the hype they've been getting.

If The Killers, Paramore and Cat Power spawned a lovechild, or if the Yeah Yeah Yeahs had a little sister, it would probably sound a lot like Kitten. Their sweeping sound and bold vocals are impressive on their own, but they're even more impressive when you discover that lead singer Chloe Chaidez is only 15 years old. (That's younger than Justin Bieber, folks.) Chloe can't even drive a car yet, but she penned Kitten's beautifully eerie "Kill The Light," a weighty song about death. They sure don't make teenagers like they used to.

Kitten has already performed at South By Southwest and CMJ, and just last week they made an appearance on MTV's "The Seven." All of that under their belt and they've only released their new EP, Sunday School--we can't wait to see where Kitten's headed next.

Watch Kitten perform "Apples And Cigarettes."

Apples and Cigarettes - Kitten (TWHP Session) from The Wild Honey Pie on Vimeo.