Star Spotting: Why Is Katy Perry Hiding Her Face?

(Credit: Splash News)

Here we have Katy Perry exiting her Manhattan apartment, inexplicably covering her face from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. I say "inexplicably" because usually Katy is more than game to get her picture taken.

What could Perry be hiding? Here are some guesses:

1. Katy Perry is the girl with the dragon tattoo, and the dragon tattoo is on her FACE!

2. She's wearing nerd glasses but just realized, as she was walking out the door, that they were totally over.

3. What's the point of having a cool hood if you're not going to put it up?

4. She couldn't think of a "wacky" face to make.

5. She's imitating Rihanna.

This is truly a mystery that will confound scientists and Katy Perry scholars for decades to come. What do you think? Why was Katy Perry hiding her usually very visible face from the cameras? Let us know in the comments!