Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Does Yoga

(Via Buzzfeed)

Sometimes I hear about Lady Gaga doing something "normal" like practicing yoga and I think, "Finally! Lady Gaga in a T-shirt and gym shorts." But then I see the pictures and scold myself for thinking Gaga would ever be caught dead in a commoner's getup. Silly me!

Lady Gaga visited a Bikram yoga studio in Zurich this week as she works her way across Europ,e and thankfully for us, her visit was documented. Instead of the usual yoga pants/form-fitting shirt/bare feet combo typical of a Bikram class, Gaga opted for black patent leather knee-high stiletto corseted boots and a black floor-length tailcoat tuxedo jacket. Oh, and sunglasses, because duh. (And your friends think you're over the top for wearing mascara to the gym.)

Yes, Lady Gaga's outfit choices are wild, and, no, we can't stop thinking about how hot she must have been wearing a TUXEDO JACKET while DOING YOGA, but we gotta hand it to her -- she nailed the pose! Look at that form! This shouldn't surprise anyone, though. Gaga has repeatedly handled those Alexander McQueen shoes/death traps just like they were a pair of Nikes.

First it was a Yankees game in a leather bra; now it's yoga in a tuxedo jacket. Next up? I'm guessing a trip to the post office in an LED wedding dress.