Must Watch: Taylor Swift Being Surprised, Over And Over Again

Whether she's at the CMAs or the VMAs, it's always the TSAs (Taylor Swift Awards, y'all). This girl racks up awards like nobody's business. Fearless has won more awards than any other country music album OF ALL TIME. Like more than Garth Brooks and Shania Twain and all those people. Taylor Swift's been nominated for more than 100 awards and has won more than half of them. And even if some of them were like weird awards nobody's heard of, that's still a lot of hardware!

Still! Still, Taylor Swift is always completely and utterly shocked when she wins an award. Which prompted the folks over at VH1's TheFABlife to produce this incredible video documenting the many faces of shock and awe of Taylor Swift every time she wins an award.

Watch this incredible video of Taylor Swift acting super surprised every time her name's called. It's truly something to behold.

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